How Are We Different?

Three ways:

  • Extremely low expense caps. Here is the game that most agents and distributors play: they know that your movie is only worth a limited amount of money in today’s market.  They give you a “good” percentage split, normally 80/20 with you getting 80%.  They then hide deep into their contract an expense cap of $25,000 thousand dollars (I have even seen expense caps of $50,000 and $100,000!!!).  When they make their first sale on your movie, say for $10,000 dollars, they keep their 20% fee ($2,000 dollars) an then they keep your $8,000 dollars and apply it against the $25,000 hole that you started off in.  You now owe them, on paper, $17,000 dollars more!  After a year or two you may dig your way out of this hole.  They have now kept the first $30,000 in sales from your movie (their sales fee plus their $25k expense cap).  Then they simply stop selling your movie.  They sign up somebody new and rip them off next.  Odds are they will never send you a dime.  They’ll tell you “Your movie didn’t make money”.  But it did.  It made them money!  It didn’t make you money.  So how am I different?  I have an expense cap of only $2,500 dollars, just 10% of industry average.  I do have some real expenses that I have to cover in order to sell your movie, but I’m here to do just that – to sell your movie and make you money.  Not to steal from you in the form of fake expenses!
  • I’ve been in this business for 15 years. I’ve produced thirty movies of my own, and I’ve helped many others produce and make money from films. Over time I have learned which distributors to sell to, and which to avoid.  I bring your movie to the distributor who make the most sense for your film.  I only deal with distributors who have long reputations of actually paying their clients, I will not deal with distributors who rip film makers off.  I know this game, and I know all the distributors – good and bad.

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